>Wow!! Its like celebs are following me. This weekend my roomate Rebecca and I noticed that it looked like both our neighbors were moving out! How strange we thought? The next day, after locking myself in my apartment (it’s confusing), i inquired to my landlord abou the neighbors moving. Turns out they are just moving our temporarily so that a film crew can move in for two weeks!!! I was so excited!!! From our front balcony we will have prime seats to watch a movie. The movie is Nora Robert’s Montana sky and its stars Charlotte Ross (NYPD Blue) Ashely Williams (Good Morning Miami) and John Corbett!(Aiden from Sex and the City also Nothern Exposure!!!)

Below is an open letter to the cast and crew of Montana Sky

Dear Montana Sky cast and crew,

Welcome to the neighborhood, we are very excited to have you on our street. It is a very nice street and we are pleased that you would feel it is pretty enough to look aparantly like Montana. Please except the cookies that my roomate Rebecca made, she is very good at making cookies and please do not nervous about eating them…….Well anyway, what is your movie about? Can we be in it? I was once in a commercial for drinking and driving and Rebecca is an excellent ballerina dancer! Perhaps Aiden..i mean John has some roomates and that are drunken ballerinas? We could do that! I’ll get my people to call your people. Also please feel free to swing by our house anytime you’d like. Its relatively warm, as long as you layer your clothes and have gloves, we also have cable! Also please feel free to use our phone, just know that you’ll be expected to call all of our friends and tell them you are friends with us. We also need this on paper, for our friends whose numbers we don’t have ready access to. Well I understand that you have lots to do and i won’t keep you long. I just wanted to welcome you to the Mission neighborhood, oh and don’t mind Larry. Larry is the nice man who sometimes knocks you down and tries to steal your Ipod. He’s harmless really, although I reccomend not bringing your Ipod. Well I hope the shooting goes well and I hope to hear from you (and any memebers of the Sex and the City cast) soon.

Break a leg!

Michael Morrison.

Mike Morrison