Remember that dating website Beautifulpeople.com? If not, it was basically like Plenty of Fish, but only for those people who were deemed good-looking enough to join. I’m still waiting for my invitation.
Well apparently some of the website’s members were enjoying themselves a little too much over the holidays and got themselves kicked out of the online club.
Because they got fat!!!
About 5,000 members were told this week that they would have to go back to the rating stage of the website. Of that group, 500 of them were Canadians.
While I agree it is a little harsh, this is very promising for any single people out there. Why? Well, there are now 500 Canadians who were once deemed good looking enough to be on the website that are now single with low-self esteems. I think that is the dating jackpot isn’t?
Sadly, I once applied to get onto to Beautiful People. Stop laughing. Seriously, stop it. Okay, now you are just being rude.
Obviously I didn’t get it, but I’ve decided I’m holding out for NotUgly.com I couldn’t totally get into that….right? Are you still laughing?

Mike Morrison