My week long trip to San Francisco has quickly come to an end!  Man this city is awesome!  So much to do and see, I think I really could come here each and every year and always have things to do!

Since today is a little bit of a travel day for me, I wanted to leave you with a great song to help start your weekend off right!  Judging from the weather it looks like Canadians will have their hands full.  So if you find yourself looking out the window as a hurricane or snow blows by, just turn up Ash Koley‘s new single Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground. I guarantee it’ll have your toes tapping in no time whatsoever!

The video just came out this week, but I know I’ve heard this song before.  Does anyone know where?  Was it a commercial or a trailer for a movie?   Either way, the video is totally great and super fun.  If the death of the music video is around the corner,  I think videos like this pushed it back a few more blocks.

Mike Morrison

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  1. this song is featured on the Lotto 6/49 commercials, but Phil Deschambault is singing in the commercials

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