I’m so happy to be spending the weekend in Vancouver. God I love this city, I think this is my fourth or fifth visit of the year. Rain or not, there is always so much to do!

Because of that, I’m going to be taking most of the day off from blogging. There will be a couple of posts up about the Canadian Blog Awards and Jeremy Piven. But why not use this opportunity to check out some other great Canadian blogs!
  • Have you heard of the Apple Tablet? It’s the newest computer from Mac and it’s insane. Check out the image of it on The Review Crew!
  • Both CTV and CBC have renewed shows for next fall! See which ones on Out is Through.
  • I’m growing concerned with XOXOJes‘ love of Cory Monteith. Stage 5 clinger?
  • Speaking of GLEE, Lainey Gossip has some juice on Puck and Audrina! Yes, that Audrina.
  • Have you seen the Levi Johnston picture yet? Don’t worry, Ten Gossip has a safe for work picture.
  • Jill Belland got to spend the day with two Olympic Gold Medalists! Jealous!
  • The TV Addict has the first images of the second season of Better Off Ted. LOVE.THIS.SHOW.
Enjoy those. I also have to re-mention The TV Addict site because I’m slowly falling in love with it. It’s kinda like that crush on My Girl, except with less bees and mood rings. Great website from Canada. What more could you ask for.
And finally, I’m going to leave you with some awesome music. I’m going to be checking out Thunderheist at the Biltmore Cabaret tonight in Vancouver. Ever since discovering her this summer, the song Jerk It has been on my Ipod’s high-rotation. It is literally impossible not to dance to. Try it, I dare you. Check out this totally cool fan made video!

Mike Morrison