>The Emmy’s are tonight! Wooohoooo!
I’m so glad I have TIVO so I can skip over the boring parts (TV movies and montages)
But as with many award shows I was left with many thoughts and questions.

(Also, if I skipped anything I can’t be blamed. During the ceremony a stolen car chase ended literally in my front yard, then the guy made a run for it and disappeared! I swear! I’m not making this stuff up. There were helicopters and dogs and everything Didn’t the guy know the Emmy’s were on? Scarier still: They never caught the car thief. I don’t think I’ll be getting a good sleep tonight.)

Here they are:

-First things first. Kristen Bell sitting beside Masi Oka? That is the definition of perfection
Ryan Seacrest actually did a farely good job opening. Until Ray Romano came in stole the show from right under our little American Idol host.
-What a tight race for the Supporting actor. Jeremy Piven is amazing as are Ari.
-I kinda thought Vanessa Williams was Tyra Banks. Who is that insulting?
Michael Emerson scares me. No, not on Lost. In real life.
-Yah Terry O’Quinn! Score one for the baldies. (Way to burn the desperate housewives! Great Speech.)
Julia Louis Dryfus and Tina Fey? Have I mentioned how much I love the Emmys?
-Don’t you love when people give great speeches and you know they are honestly so happy to have won? Congrats Jaime Pressly. You Rock.
-I KNEW it was Heigl.
-Why is Jeremy Piven so grumpy tonight?
-Dear Katherine Heigl, I love you. Call me.
-Is it better to have no hair or Conan O’Brien’s hair?
-Do you think Christina Aguilera’s family is annoyed when they all tried to sing “Happy Birthday” to a niece or something. “God, Christina can’t you just sing a song without belting it out??!?!”
Kyra Sedgwick, Glenn Close and Mary Louise Parker make me wish we had American Cable and not the Slice Network.
-I’ve never seen The Sopranos, but do they sing and dance like those “guys” did?
-How many Awards can Helen Mirren possibly win? If she wasn’t going to be in National Treasure 2, I would think she is the coolest person ever. Although I will say she is the funniest.
Lewis Black? You are funny.
Al Gore and Robert Duvall are there too? What is this the Oscars?
-Do you think Tony Bennett forgot one of his son’s name?
-New roommate quote about Teri Hatcher: “I wonder what is wrong with her?” I wonder indeed.
-You think Elaine Strich was funny and kinda crazy? Watch 30 Rock!
-Why is Kanye West and Tony Bennett there too? Is this the grammys? No it can’t be Kanye West doesn’t win any of thos either! (Also “wronger” is not a word)
Ricky Gervais you are a good friend of mine, but why weren’t you at the Emmys? Why Ricky, Why?
Sally Field’s son kissed her back. My mom won’t even let me call her. Jip.
-Listen, I like Boston Legal. But James Spader should buy a lottery ticket cause he is one lucky S.O.B
-I hate to tell you I told you so about 30 Rock. But I TOLD YOU SO! I am proud to say that I am one of those “dozens and dozens” viewers!
-Yah the Sopranos won for their last season! I really should watch that show.

Mike Morrison