Without a doubt, one of this country’s biggest Youtube success stories is the seemingly multi-mouthed Mike Tompkins.

After only posting a handful of videos,  he wound up performing on Ellen and can now be found in Florida producing with the one and only Timbaland!

If you’re not familiar with his stuff, Tompkins essentially re-creates famous pop songs using only his mouth.  No instruments, no electronics, just amazing vocal talent.  No matter the song, about half way through, you kind forget what the original even sounded like. You have to have a listen.

After a just meh last video, I’m happy to see Mike Tompkins is back and is as great as ever.  This week he tackles the incredibly addictive ‘Rolling in the Deep‘ by the lovable Adele. There’s lots to talk about in the video, but it’s probably best if you just watch and enjoy it yourself.  I love how the production seems to be getting better and better and how theatrical this particular video is.  Lots of fun being had for sure.

Make sure you watch it to the end, Tompkins shows you how he makes the videos.


Mike Morrison

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