It’s almost time. I can hardly wait. I can’t wait.

Veronica Mars opens on March 14th and the teases and hints keep coming.  If you are a backer of the movie like I am, you’ve likely already seen thing, but it’s two good to share. Earlier today, Rob Thomas, the movie’s director, not the guy from Matchbox 20 released the first two minutes of the movie.  But, don’t worry, it’s spoiler free, it’s more of a prologue for people watching the movie, who haven’t seen the TV show. Although, Enrico Colantoni, who plays Keith Mars, told me last week, the first time you see the movie, you should see it with somebody who’s already seen the show. But for the second, third and fourth time, you should take someone who hasn’t seen it and that’s who this prologue is for!

It’s all old footage, but still, I can’t wait. This is like a little hit for me.

Mike Morrison