By now, you’ve probably seen the WestJet Christmas Miracle video, it racked up more than one million views in just a single day! Apparently, 95% of people who watched it immediately called their moms afterwards to tell them that they loved them. But just in case you haven’t seen it, you must, it’s like watching Love Actually but without the boring school play and mysterious Rowan Atkinson. Here’s the rundown…or should I say, runway. Basically, while waiting for their flight to Calgary via Hamilton, WestJet customers scanned their tickets to interact with an e-Santa Clause. As he usually does, he asked them what they wanted for Christmas and, thanks to sponsors and a few very busy elves, those very gifts were waiting for them at the Calgary airport when they landed. But don’t just read my attempt to describe the emotionally weepy video, watch it for yourself, it’s a ton of fun! Air Canada is also working a video, but it’s already delayed and they hope to have it out by March.

I’ve watched this video a few times and all I can think about is that poor guy who asked for warm socks. If someone knows him, please reach out and see that he’s okay after seeing what everyone else got!

After the first Christmas miracle, the WestJet team put out a Santa blooper reel. It’s pretty funny and shows more of Santa’s interactions with the unsuspecting passengers. Check out the blooper real:

Mike Morrison


  1. This is seriously the most inspirational video I have seen this year. Inspired me to donate a bunch of toys and clothes to those in need!

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