I, along with thousands of people, tried to buy tickets for the Olympics this past Saturday. I too, along with thousands of people, became frustratingly disappointed when the the system crashed, unable to handle the traffic of anxious ticket-buyers. It was almost fours hours of hitting re-load until VANOC announced that the system had failed and that the tickets would go on sale again next Saturday.

Most people buying tickets were angry that they had wasted so much of their time, but I decided to take the high road, watch four episodes of Ally McBeal and use the time for some deep Olympic-themed thought.
Here is what I came up with:
  • I shouldn’t get angry, how was VANOC to know that so many people would want to go to the event that they have been planning for eight years?
  • I think the Olympics would be more exciting, if The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan was at the finish line of the Speed Skating races.
  • What Canadian collector’s item am I going to bring to trade with foreigners? Pins? Beavers? Being Erica DVDs?
  • What is like to practice the skeleton/bobsled/luge for the first time?
  • I really wish McDonalds wasn’t the corporate sponsor, I’ve been craving a BigMac for three hours and I don’t dare leave my computer.
  • It’s okay if I bring my laptop into the bathroom right?
Hopefully we have better luck next week!

Mike Morrison