So here is some shocking news: The Superbowl isn’t till next weekend!  Well that’s news to me.  But at least that explains why movie studios are dumping 4 new wide release movies into the theatre this weekend, because lord knows no one will be watching next weekend.  Why would you with  a promised Paula Abdul performance?!?!

Oh yeah and there is that football game.
Taking a look at the movies this weekend there honestly isn’t anything new that is actually worth spending your hard earned money on.  But maybe now is the time to go back and look at movies that might be a little older in the theatres but are still worth a try.
This weekend we welcome back Rambo.  Yes you read that right.  20 some years after the last Rambo Sly Stallone is back in “action”.  But what the word action
 means to a 60-year is still waiting to be determined.  So instead of watching Sly try is 13th career resurrection why not catch Cloverfield.  Both movies have action, both have an aging dinosaur but the difference with Cloverfield is that it is actually exciting and it doesn’t have Sly Stallone.

This weekend we also welcome Diane Lane’s Untraceable.  And while the previews try to make it look exciting and original this movies reeks of a CSI episode reject.  Since we welcomed the little crime show that could, movies like Untraceable are becoming more and more necessary.  Why would you invest two hours of your life and pay so much money just to see on TV at pretty much any hour of the day.  So instead check out Sweeney Todd.  Johnny just nominated for Best Actor in this bloody musical that is winning over audiences one cut at a time.  So if it’s murder mystery your looking why not check out this movie that has been pulling in disappointing numbers at the box office.

The third wide release of the last weekend in January (already!) is the spoof Meet the Spartans.  Previews for this movie have been everywhere.  The problem with them is that they aren’t funny.  None of these movies are yet time and time audiences pay money to see movies that they have already seen before or things they see on Perez Hilton everyday.  So instead of Meet the Spartans, run and don’t walk to Juno.  This movie is original and quirky.  Oh and it’s also funny.  Imagine that a comedy that is funny.  And let’s not forget that it also got nominated for Best Picture this week.  yes, it’s THAT good.

And finally we welcome a movie that makes my grammar look like a dictionary’s: How She Move.  Does that title even make sense?  Isn’t there a verb or adjective or something missing?  From what I can tell this movie is about an underdog dancer who is trying to make it.  Which to me sounds exactly like Save the last Dance, Stomp the Yard and You Got Served.  Do we really need this?  No, no we don’t.  But what wedo need is to see a movie that you will actually have fun at.  May I suggest: Alvin and the Chipmunks.  I mean you are going to turn your brain off anyway, why not do it while watching the iconic  animals sing all your favorite songs.  I saw it with my nephew and niece and I think I think it just as much as they did.  I actually I know I did.
Oh and Michael Clayton is also going back into theatres in support of all the Oscar noms it got this past week.  But it’s also going to be on DVD in three weeks so yo
u might as well wait.

Mike Morrison