While Canadian politics are usually relatively boring, it doesn’t mean that they can’t still be a exciting. Take today for example, in an effort to steal the spotlight from the VMAs, Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked Governer General Michaëlle Jean to dissolve the government. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It kinda reminds me of when Karen Taylor on 24 kept saying she was going to “absorb CTU”. I wonder who the Jack Bauer of Canadian politics is?(It’s also fun when the press uses words like dissolution or “pull the plug”.)

Either way Canadians are going to the polls on October 14th (three times in four years) and now we all have 4 weeks to study up on the issues and make an informed decision. It’s also funny to think that our elections will have and started and be finished all before the Americans go to the polls! We Canadians are so efficient.

Here are links to the five major parties (in no particular order*):
Bloc Québécois

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*I reserve the right to put these in particular order.

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