Muchmusic just announced the Top 8 Finalists for the MuchMusic VJ Search! And there were definitely some shockers!!!

Sadly, my favourite Andrew Bravener didn’t make the cut. But my other favourite Liz Trinnear is still in it, to win it!

Here are the Top 8:

Jessy Pesce, Keswick, On.
Alli Walker, Summerside, PEI.
Marlon Palmer, Toronto, ON.
Laith Hakeem, Richmond Hill, ON
Julian Koehler, Waterloo, ON
Nadine Sykora, Vancouver, BC
Kelly Peter, London,ON.
Liz Trinnear, London, ON.
That’s right, 75% of the remaining contestants can see the CN Tower from their houses. I think MuchMusic would have been smart to leave some of the out of province contestants in the running, unless they only want people from Ontario watching. Basic Media and TV Ratings 101.

Mike Morrison