Remember the VJ Search?

Yeah, that is still going on. Who knew?
After making the brutal cut of dropping Andrew Bravener, I wasn’t sure I had much faith in the competition. But now they are down to the final four and I got to say the it’s going to be close.
The four remaining contestants have been relying on their initial audition tapes to get them through so far, but this coming Friday, they’ll have to create a MuchNews Minute segment that will air on MOD.
Then the final four will be on MOD every day next week and the winner will finally be picked on December 4th.
The four Canadians left are:
Marlon Palmer (Toronto)
Laith Hakeem (Richmond Hill)
Liz Trinnear (London)
Alli Walker (Summerside)
I would be ridiculous to not give huge props to Alli Walker for being the only person not from Ontario in the competition!!! Especially being from the Maritimes, very very cool Alli, well done.
Who is going to win?
Since Much just hired a guy VJ like three weeks ago, I have to say that Marlon and Laith probably aren’t going to make the cut. That leaves Liz and Alli, two blondes, left to fill the tiny shoes of Leah Miller.
I’ve been a Liz fan the whole time, but you gotta respect Alli for being from a super small town and still being able to create buzz for herself. Trust me, I know how hard that is.
I think I’m going to hold off making my decision between the two girls until next week. Because if anything is going to go horribly wrong, it will be next week on live tv.
Good luck!

Mike Morrison