Do you know a guy? A guy that knows a guy who can get you what you need? That toy that is sold out everywhere at Christmas, but your guy can get it. Sold out concert tickets? He can hook you up. VIP access to that music festival? For your guy, easy.

If you don’t have a guy (or girl!) you probably wish you did. But now you can. You can have a guy, or a girl, or maybe you can just call it a friend – but does it need to be a person at all? What about an app? Virgin Mobile Canada has launched a new app for their Members – the My Benefits App treats Members like a VIP! You can download the App from the app store to get a heads up on the hottest fashion deals, hook-ups to backstage concert passes, movie tickets, and so much more…on-the-go with instant redemption on your mobile phone.


A new Virgin Mobile Canada survey uncovered that the majority of Canadians (68%) use between 1-5 apps on a daily basis. Two-thirds (67%) keep between one and ten apps on the home screen. These home screen apps, or “Homies” as coined by Virgin Mobile, are their most treasured. While there are an unlimited number of apps out there, the survey revealed that Canadians are most likely to download social (44%), entertainment (42%), music (34%) and travel apps (19%). Thus, theMy Benefits App.

As a member, you can customize your My Benefits App so it shows you the Benefits you want to see with the Spotlight feature on the home screen. With the Nearby feature, the App shows you what sweet Benefits are around you, so you can redeem with ease. And make sure you never miss a Benefit by activating Push Notifications so you get the reminders right in the palm of your hand. The Last Call feature will even remind you when your favourite Benefit is about to expire; get it while you still can!

I’m pretty excited about the new ‘My Benefits App’, and Virgin Mobile Members should be too. But what if you aren’t a Virgin Mobile Member? You can download the app too. I mean, you obviously don’t get awesome the Benefits of being a Member, but you can check out what you’re missing out on! Available on Android and coming soon to IOS!

Check out more about the Member benefits here.

Mike Morrison