>So there I was at the VirginFest AfterParty being all hob-knobby with all the VIP people. I was probably being more of an ass than I deserved to be. Can you blame me? Afterall, I was sitting right beside the table that was occupied by members of Metric, Billy Talent and Bedouin Soundclash! Could you imagine three cooler bands sitting together? So by the meer fact that I was sitting close to thmee, I thought I was cooler. I thought I was the shit.

I thought wrong.

As they got up to leave, I quickly introduced myself to Emily from Metric. Only it turns out it wasn’t Emily from Metric. It was just someone sitting at the table. I don’t embarrass easily, but let me tell you how mortified I was. I was m.o.r.t.i.f.i.e.d. All night long I thought I was watching Emily Haines party it up, turns it out it was just a very lovely lady who happened to look like Emily.
She said she had gotten it before, but that is no excuse.

I don’t even think I’ll be able to get to bed after this one. This is like the time I threw up on a certain airlines passengers. Twice.

No more being an ass. No more hob-knobbing. I am on a canadian-celebrity detox. At least until I can correctly identify canadian celebrities.

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Mike Morrison