You know how it’s always so much cooler to own the complete series of a show, then just have an episode? Well here is the complete series of my trip to Chicago and the amazing opportunity that I got to go behind the scenes and meet the cast and crew of Cirque Du Soleil’s OVO.

During my time backstage, I basically made it my goal to make it on to the stage that night. As you’ll see over the series of these videos, it didn’t go well.

The show opens here in Calgary on September 7th, and like every Cirque show, it is AMAZING! Which I’m guessing why they didn’t me to make it better, you know, cause it’s already awesome.

The one where I try to juggle….

The one where I find out about the show!

The one where I dress in the costumes!

The one where I sneak under the stage!

Click here to buy tickets!

Mike Morrison


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