Okay, I know the whole Q situation is still pretty crazy. And I also know that the network is still looking for a permanent a host, which is likely no easy task. Although, I have been listening to the show way more than I ever used and I think the revolving hosts are doing a great job.

But I stubbled upon “The Q: Hosted By Nobody” and I have to admit, it made me laugh pretty hard. I don’t know if you’re watching SNL this year, but it’s pretty rough. Basically this video made me laugh more than the entire season of SNL combined. The fact that the clip is edited to included Louis C.K is just icing on the cake. Actually, knowing Louis’ humour, he probably would have preferred this type of interview.

I thought it’d be a good thing to share on a Monday.

And what about permanent hosts? Do you guys have any favourites? I know Norm MacDonald is still hoping he’ll secure the gig.

Mike Morrison