This is it. This is the week that it seems that all of Canada is waking up to some form of snow or another. Accept Vancouver and Victoria of course…and they won’t let us forget it.

But regardless, the first snow fall is always hardest because it reminds us that summer and fall are indeed over and that for the next few months Canada will be, well, Canada.

But it seems that some animals are taking the weather better than others, particular the giant panda bears at The Toronto Zoo. Which is surprising considering that in their normal life, they’d probably never see snow. Toronto Zoo posted this super fun video of  Er Shun and Da Mao enjoying the first snow of the year. And if watching giant pandas roll around in the snow doesn’t help warm you up this week, well there’s not much I can do to help you.

It’s actually comforting to see the pandas enjoying the cold weather so much. I consider Toronto a good place to “warm up” before the pandas eventually move to Calgary in 2018.

Mike Morrison


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