What do you guys use your iPhone for?  For many it’s texting and maybe a few rounds of  of Angry Birds or Cut The Rope, but musicians are taking it the extra step and are cutting huge costs by using their handy little phones to make entire music videos!  And thanks to advancements in technology, what probably could have looked like Blair Witch 3, actually looks like a really great music video.

Check out the new video The Holiday Crowd, it’s called Pennies Found and it was filmed entirely using the 8mm film app on the iPhone, it’s an app that costs only $1.99.  I’ve never bought a high definition camera, but I’m guessing a twoonie is a lot more affordable!  If you are inspired by the video, be sure you download the 8mm app and not the movie that stars Nicholas Cage.  They will teach you about very, very different things.

On a loosley related note, where is Plants Vs. Zombies 2 already?

Mike Morrison


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