Opener – CBC News Toronto – SNL 11-16-13 by IdolxMuzic

We all knew it was coming so when it came to Rob Ford, Saturday Night Live didn’t disappoint.

Was it going to be in the cold-open, the monologue or Weekend Update and more importantly, who would play Rob Ford?  Well, fans of comedy didn’t have to wait long, as Bobby Moynihan stepped into the big shoes (and suit) of Toronto’s controversial Mayor, with Taran Killam playing the part of a CBC reporter.  (He’s married to Canadian Cobie Smulders, don’t you know?)

After a week of late night hosts having their way with the mayor, Expectations were high for the sketch, pun intended, and I think it came through.  With so much of Toronto City Hall funnier than anything that any SNL writer could come up with, I liked their lampooning of the constant press conferences.  My only disappointment?  Katie Simpson didn’t get a cameo.

Great job, SNL. Looks like Toronto-born Lorne Michaels still has some Canadian left in him after all.




Mike Morrison


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