It’s Monday, which means, if Garfield taught us anything, you’re likely needing a pick me up, which is exactly what I think this video will do for you!

Serenading University Girls With A Guitar and Flowers is exactly what the title implies and features two guys (Kyle Forgeard and Niko Martinovic) popping into random universities scattered around Ontario, including University of Toronto Mississauga, McMaster, Wilfrid Laurier, Waterloo, Guelph, and University of Toronto (St. George) and seranading girls with songs and flowers.  The lecture halls were always surprised and the guys, who self-admittedly aren’t singers, would just randomly pick a girl or girls and sometimes even a prof or two.

Some other random observations:
-Maybe it’s because I went to the smallest university known to man, but how big are university classrooms nowadays!
-I absolutely love that the profs were game for having a little fun.
-What class was that with the teacher handing out Halloween candy?  Me want to go to there.
-For thirty seconds all of these students forgot about their life-long debt.  And isn’t that really the point?
-As if Edwin McCain isn’t going to be in my head for the rest of life.  I spent most of the 2000s trying to erase “I’ll be.”  Thanks a lot, Kyle and Niko.) -It’s neat to see the video featuring the last day that these guys will ever be single.

Mike Morrison

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  1. I am applying for two or three schools outside Ontario, and I thought about whether there’s were different projects like OSAP (Ontario understudy affiliation program) that offered understudy financing for Universities outside the territory.

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