If you’ve ever asked yourself,  “Is there nothing Michael Bublé can’t do?”

Today is also the day you realize, “No, he can pretty much do anything.”

This morning, the Canadian crooner took to the NYC subway platform and performed an impromptu acapella performance of “Who’s Lovin’ You,” which as luck would have it, is a song off of his new album “To Be Loved” which just came earlier this week!  His voice sounds amazing, but the reactions of the people walking by is what really sells it for me!

It’s been a busy week for Bublé, who just came off of hosting and performing at the Junos and, of course, taking this photo with me. Which let’s face it, is likely his personal highlight of the past seven days. And before you get all huffy, I know that I arleady posted this photo, but come on, it’s Michael Freakin‘ Bublé!



Mike Morrison