I don’t know about you, but my mom is always the hardest person to shop for for Christmas. I know, it’s early, but she’s impossible, so I have to start to think early.

Well, thanks to Michael Buble, I think I found the perfect gift.

The crooner posted a video on his Instagram that is sure to, um…warm her holiday spirits? (Can I say that?)

Let’s watch the video and see what makes it the perfect gift:


  • Does it have Michael Buble? Yes.
  • Is he shaking his butt? Yes!
  • Does it feature a guy that could sort of be mistaken for her son? Yes! Yup. 

Sounds like a good enough gift to me!   Apparently this is something Michael Buble does quite a bit, so thanks to Mr. Buble, looks to me like Christmas is in the bag for at least the next ten years!

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