I’ve done a lot of thrilling things in my day, but they now pale in comparison to my 15 minutes in the air with aerobatic pilot Brent Handy.

He’s one of the aerobatic pilots that will be performing at this weekend’s Wings over Springbank airshow on July 29th and 30th. And in anticipation of the airshow, I was lucky enough to head up on with Brent and experience an iota of what it’s like to be an aerobatic pilot…and we get it all on tape.

Truth be told, I don’t get too nervous about too many things. But I was nervous about this.  I actually almost canceled a few times. It’s just so hard to believe that a plane can do loop de loops and barrel rolls and remain in the air.  It’s even more unbelievable that I would be in the plane while it was happening.

But, oh man, am I ever glad that I went, because it truly was incredible.  Handy’s love of flying is evident and in a matter of seconds, I felt safe in his hands. (Plus, if I was going to go out like that, what a way to go!) Handy is a former Snowbird, who now trains other aerobatic pilots, while flying at airshows across North America.  This weekend’s airshow will also feature the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, the F18 Demo Team, Erickson Aircraft Collection, aerobatic pilot Kent Pietsch and more.

They all add up to what is sure to be an amazing weekend, that you won’t soon forget. Plus, the weather looks pretty amazing for it too!

The video we shot is just a tiny taste of the excitement you’ll see in Alberta’s big blue skies this weekend. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it!

Mike Morrison