>One of the craziest things I’ve seen during the Olympics was a giant flashmob on Robson St.

The intersection was buzzing for about 30 minutes before the group actually starting dancing. Everyone was just standing around and no one seem to know what was going on. But because this in the Olympics, if one person stops to take a picture, everyone does. No one wants to miss a photo opportunity, no matter what it is.
Then around 4pm yesterday, the giant group of about 1000 people started dancing to ‘Dancing In The Street.’ I’m not sure who it is by, but I know it is on the Sister Act soundtrack, so that counts, right? During the giant dance number, I kept thinking, now this is how a group should protest. It’s fun, safe and gets attention. These guys weren’t protesting anything, just having some good ol’ fun.
Ahh dancing without a message. Good times.
I got some video of the flashmob, check it out below.

Go Canada Go!!!

Mike Morrison