Calgary’s Cowpuncher first came across my musical radar because, well, their name is Cowpuncher. How does that band name not immediately get your attention?

Since then, I’ve been following them as their fan base continues to swell in and around Calgary, which is why I’m so excited that they have a new roots-rock album called Ghost Notes, just around the corner.

The first video off the new album is called Bridesmaids and while it doesn’t feature Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy, it does feature creepy masks, a lot of facial hair, men in cowboy boots wearing dresses and the beautiful Alberta landscapes we’ve grown to love.

The video also captures just how fun this band is to see live, which is exactly what you can do on November 22nd at the Palomino for their Ghost Notes album release.

Until then, check out Bridesmaids and look for Ghost Notes as soon as it’s released.

Mike Morrison

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