Ohhh snap!  Who doesn’t love awkward TV?
Let’s face it, the Calgary mayoral election has been pretty drama free…up until today.

This morning on Breakfast Television Mayoral front-runner Barb Higgins had a sit down with the show’s political analyst Mike McCourt and things got a little heated. There was no Jerry Springer-style blow-up, but yikes, it was definitely awkward. I have to say that Higgins certainly held her ground and was able to defend herself and her decisions. But you could obviously cut the tension with a knife.

Watch for Tara trying to make the best of a bad situation and slip into the segment in at the end of the interview, it reminds me a lot of Christmas dinner at my house.

UPDATE #1: Apparently things only got worse after the show went to commercial.  Unfortunately none of it was caught on camera but Higgins got very, very angry after the interview and laid into ArtsVote volunteers.  If you want to follow what happened on Twitter, check out Mark Hopkins or DJ Kelly.

UPDATE #2: After Breakfast Television, Barb Higgins headed to X929 for an interview with The Show.  You can listen to it here.  The questions started off pretty easy but things got heated pretty quickly!  Listen to the interview here.

UPDATE #3:  X92.9’s Fraser and myself were on Shaw TV today to talk about this morning’s video and if  social media has made difference in this year’s election! Click here to watch the video.

Mike Morrison


  1. No matter who was in the right or wrong here, who ever the major is going to be must be able to stay calm in stressful situations. This was a small incident compared to what Barb would face if major. If she can’t handle this, what can she handle.

    Further, she used to work in journalism. She should know the in’s and out’s; but clearly she doesn’t.

    Originally I was seriously considering voting for her, but not anymore. Barb your inability to show that you can react responsibly and effectively has lost you a vote. At least you showed Calgary your true ability now instead of once voted in as mayor an screwing up the city with your tantrums.

  2. I’m going to go ahead and side with Barb Higgins on this, even though I won’t be voting for her. She has a right to be upset and offended, this man’s comments were inappropriate, biased, and blatantly sexist. Breakfast TV should be ashamed that this took place.

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