In the generation of YouTube stars screaming and shouting into their computers and becoming famous, Parks Canada is about to have a internet sensation of its very own: Banff National Park.

Last year, the people at the huge park set up a camera to catch the wildlife that wanders through the forests on any given day, what they ended up with was amazing footage of practically every animal the park is known for in a completely natural setting. To celebrate the camera’s first birthday, they’ve compiled a fun montage of all the clips to show people just how diverse the park can be.

Take a look at the video and try to not feel in awe of how awesome this country is. I know it’s sounds cheesy, but it’s almost like they put the video on an animal highway. Countless bears, elk, cougars, wolves, deer and yes, those asshole crows.

Happy Birthday Camera, keep on keeping on!

Mike Morrison

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  1. This is so incredibly cool. I first saw Banff a few years ago and was amazed at the amount of wildlife I have seen there. Every time I have gone to the park I have been fortunate enough to see a variety of different animals that call Banff home. Great job.

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