One of my favourite Twitter account is Joe Adalian’s. Not only is @TVMoJoe packed with super geeky facts and figures about TV ratings and stories, every now and then, he goes on late night information dumps about old shows that are long forgotten. The gems he finds always warm my trivia loving brain like nothing else.

Last night he tweeted this:


And I pretty much lost my mind.

Here in Canada, we seem to worship Anne Murray like she’s dead or something. (I mean, there’s an Anne Murray Centre already.) But no, the Nova Scotia native is alive and kicking, but sadly not making the specials that she used to. She’s sort of like Barbara Streisand, who doesn’t make a ton of appearances, but when she does, people understandably fall in line.

The description of the show itself is pretty funny:
“In her second TV special, Anne Murray ships out on the luxury liner S.S. Norway with C&W star Eddie Rabbitt, Latin crooner José Rodriguez and aerobic/ diet king Richard Simmons. Together, they sing, dance and work off those extra pounds on board and at assorted tropical stopovers. ”

I never knew that you could work out to Anne Murray music. Now that’s a spin class I can get behind!

Finding out that the now iconic Murray did a special on a Caribbean cruise is pretty much my favourite thing that has happened this year. This was number two.

It’s also always great to remember how great CBC was before it was practically forced to compete with the private networks like CTV and Global. Do you think in today’s competitive market, they’d ever let Rita and Friends run for three seasons?! The Raccoons would have been cut faster than you can say Cyril Sneer.

I think in a Buzzfeed world, where nostalgia is more popular than ever, CBC has an opportunity to really go after the campy market. I know for a fact that if CBC were to air the Anne Murray caribbean special now, I would watch it live! Aren’t those the words every network longs to here?

Mike Morrison


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