One of the big stories for those of us at The Olympics are the long, long lines. Most of the time, I don’t think people even know what they are lining up for, they are just lining up because everyone else is.
And I can totally understand that. Since getting here on Thursday, even though I’ve done a done of stuff, I can’t help but feel overwhe
lmed and that I’m missing tons of stuff. No matter where I go, I’m nervous there is something better.
Hence the willingness to stand in lines.
The longest line we’ve seen so far is for the Russia House. Russia will be hosting the 2014 Winter Games and to celebrate they are welcoming everyone into their “home”.
Since so many people can’t be here to experience the line, I thought ti would be fun to give you a tour of the long, long lines.
This was taken yesterday morning, thankfully it wasn’t raining!
(And yes, I realized half way through that I was pronouncing Sochi wrong, but didn’t want to stop. Please forgive me Russia!)

Mike Morrison