>Vibe 98.5 is like Lindsay Lohan.  It’s train wreck of gift that just keeps on giving.

I know I pick on them a lot, but today I just have something really quick to mention. On the way home from work yesterday, during their Radio Perez segment, Perez did a story about the douchbag Chris Brown and how he was going to plead not guilty for beating the umbrella out of Rihanna a couple of months ago.  Obviously Chris needs help because he does seem one bit sorry for his actions.  And you don’t need me to post the police report here, you all know how bad it was.
So what does Vibe 98.5 do?
They actually played out the Radio Perez Segment with a Chris Brown song!  And not just any Chris Brown song, it was the love song “With You”
First off, why the hell is this station that appeals to a young female demographic still playing Chris Brown?  Secondly, I love that that someone in that station today actually had the following train of thought: “Perez is doing a story on Chris abusing his girlfriend and he is going to court today.  I should play a Chris Brown song to show our support.”
Seriously, you can’t write this stuff.  
Feel free to email Vibe 98.5’s General Manager Tom Peacock (tpeacock@radio.astral.com) and let them know that they are supporting Brown every time they play one of his songs.

Mike Morrison