Well, it’s been a few weeks since I mentioned anything to do with Veronica Mars, so let’s take care of that.

Veronica Mars is coming back…again. After being canceled and then revived by a successful Kickstarter campaign and turned into a movie, the characters from Neptune, California are turning once more in a special online series called Play It Again, Dick!

The series will air on CTV EXTEND, the network’s digital channel and stars Ryan Hansen as himself, as he begs, cajoles, and pleads with his former Veronica Mars cast mates and friends to help him get his character, Dick Casablancas, his own spin-off show. Okay, so it’s not technically more episodes of Veronica Mars, but it’s the cast talking about Veronica Mars, so it’s good enough for me.  The fact that the show will be written by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is just icing on the cake…sorry, marshmallow.

The show will premiere this fall on CTV Extend, which already features 11 other digital series.  Maybe they’ll tide you over until Dick Casablancas makes his illustrious return.

Mike Morrison