Finally something really cool as come out of the night of the Vancouver riots.  Okay..technically it was just before the riots, but still, same night.

Gigapixel Panorama Photography is a company that I’ve never heard of before, but they come up with an idea so cool, I think it might change the way we look at photography.   What they did is set up cameras across the street from the CBC viewing zone during Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  It is made up of 216 photos (12 across by 18 down) stitched together, taken over a 15-minute span, and is not supposed to represent a single moment in time.

You have to see it to believe it.

It’s really truly amazing to see the how detailed everyone is once you zoom in.  Also really cool, how few people are actually on their phones, they all seem to be frozen in time, glued to the screen. Really, it’s like a giant game of Where’s Waldo except it’s Vancouver, so you have to spot the hipster sports fan.  It’s not as easy as you might think.

Gigapixel is asking everyone that was there to tag themselves in the photo, they are trying to break the record, which is currently set at just over 9,500.

So if you know someone in the picture try to fine them.  I’m really excited for this technology, my roommate says they do it for U2 concerts, too bad they couldn’t have done it from the balcony during the Royal Wedding!

Mike Morrison