Vampire Diaries is one of the CW’s newest shows that will be premiering this Fall.  I plan on paying as little attention to this twilight, which in turn is a buffy rip-off, as possible. By the look of the teaser trailer below, I would rather injure myself in unimaginable ways then watch it.

But I will give special mention to series star and Canadian Nina Dobrev who is currently playing teen mom Mia on Degrassi.  It’s awesome to see Canadian actors booking major parts on shows that, no matter how bad they are, have buzz around them!
I talked about this pilot a while ago and I couldn’t help notice that this is the second time The CW has stolen of one of Degrassi’s biggest stars as Shanae Grimes is still overacting the heck out of Annie on 90210.
This is a buzzworthy week for the guys over at degrassi.  Even Aubrey Graham (Jimmy Brooks) got some extra press and even made Perez Hilton for making out with Rihanna a couple of days ago.
Sadly, I still have not accomplished my goal of becoming  BBFN with Paula Brancati. 
Oh well, good to see some Canadian kids doing good south of the border!

Mike Morrison