It should come as no surprise that I hate Valentine’s Day.  And no, it’s not because i’m single.  Because let’s face it, the relationship I have with my TIVO is one of the healthiest ones I’ve seen in a long time.

No, what I hate about Valentines day is how people in relationships think it is actually romantic.  Tell me, how is sitting in a full restaurant with dozens of other couples ordering the same food and talking about the same thing romantic?  Romance is supposed to be spontaneous and unexpected, going out on Valentines is no different than going to the dentist.  It’s a regular check up that you should be doing anyway.
But I digress.
If you are in Calgary tonight there is a really cool event going on at the Mile One club.  It’s hosted by Meet Market and it is the anti-valentines day party for singles.  And it isn’t for the kinda singles that try to find errors in soduko puzzles or learn a language only spoken on Star Trek, no these events are always attended by cool singles that are just looking to meet new people and lord knows Calgary has A  LOT of singles!  At last count there were only about 28 tickets left so you know it’s actually going to be fun!

Mike Morrison


  1. I need those drawers!Let me tell you: Not only are the Home Depots aerhwnye near downtown Chicago totally useless they don’t even sell spray paint. Nobody does. You can’t even have it mailed to youCongratulations! The final result is stunning! You should all be very proud! Now, get to work! :3

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