If you could have a conversation with anyone in the world, who would you talk to?

That’s the question Wind Mobile’s Best Conversation Ever contest is asking and I want you to win it!  Why?  Well because I’m a judge and I want one of Mike’s Bloggity Blog’s awesome readers to take home the big prize.  What’s the big prize you ask?  Well you’ll get a conversation with the person of your dreams!  Whether it’s a motivational politicial, smoking hot movie star or tantelizing singer, you want it and Wind Mobile is going to make it happen!

Even better, the personalities that you talk to, will then be able to donate $100,000 to the charity of their choice!  It really is a win/win!  And don’t forget, I’m a judge!  To impress me, your videos will have to be funny, creative and make me cry.  If you know me at all, all three of those things are pretty easy to achieve.  I cry at EVERYTHING.

If you wanna win, my suggestion would be to check out what people are already doing.  There are really only a few that are sticking out in my mind, so you absolutely still have a shot at winning this thing.   Some of the names being tossed around as dream conversations include Jack Horner, Paul McCartney, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Jim Carrey.

So you haven’t submitted your video yet?  Why not? Just think, Wind Mobile is essentially asking you to make a great video in order to talk to your idol and have a $100,000 donated to a charity in need.  Seems worth it no?

On top of the big prizes, there are also a ton of Facebook and Twitter prizes!
It would also be great if you could remind of our secondary contests, and help drive to them as well.
– The Win with WIND contest on Facebook is held every Wednesday afternoon
– The Twitter Thursday contest is from the @winwithWIND twitter feed
– The participation draw is every Tuesday morning – each vote & comment on the site is another entry to the draw.
Good luck and please let me know if you enter the contest!  I’d love to see your videos!

Mike Morrison

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