Okay, so please don’t hate me.   I found this new music video by a girl-duo group a few days ago and after some deliberation, I’ve decided that I kinda want to share it. My question is this:  Is it a really good pop-song?  Or a train-wreck of Instant Star proportions?

Who are are KaraMel you ask?  Well, I’m not too sure myself. As far as I can tell, half the group is Degrassi’s Cassie Steel.  The other 50% seems to be the daughter of Kei$ha and Sass Jordan. For now, it is a mystery. But I’ll look into and see what I can find out.

So about the song.  I can already  feel a ton of your rolling your eyes, but if I’m going to write about Canadian entertainment, I can’t always write about Polaris-prize quality music. And for what’s it worth, this song is ridiculously catchy.  So it should come with a warning, it will drive you crazy.  Oh and don’t think that because it is pop-song it is safe for the kids in your life.  That’s what I thought until they got to the whole “1, 2, 3, 4 get your undies on the floor” part.  Oops.  Sorry nephew and niece.

Fans of MTV’s 1 Girl, 5 Gays will recognize panelists Matt Barker and Daniel Tetro as some of the video’s dancers.  Tetro actually choreographed the whole thing!

So what do you think? Good?  Awful? Who cares?

Mike Morrison


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