Being from New Brunswick, I’ve been to Moncton many times in my life. And if I was forced to describe it, I’m not sure sexy would come to mind. Well, apparently that’s because I’ve never been to the University of Moncton.

The university just released their new recruitment video and for the most part it looks just like every other university’s recruitment video…well, that’s until two students start going at it in the library. And sure, that sort of thing is kinda a part of university, but this isn’t your regular kiss. This is full on 50 Shades of Grey kissing in the library. Man, I guess that’s one way of saving libraries.

(The video is in french, but you don’t need to speak the language to see a lot of frenching.)

The video has been getting a lot of flack, but it’s also been getting attention.  And isn’t that what universities are desperate for now a days?

What do you think, does the video have you wanting to go back to go school?

Mike Morrison