Wow, did this show ever sneak up on me, I don’t know how I’m just finding about it now, but yes, Undercover Boss Canada is happening and it starts next week!
Actually, upon reflection, I guess they couldn’t really announce the show, because that would essentially ruin the surprise premise of the series, so I guess it sorta makes sense.

The show will launch on the W Network on February 2nd at 9pm.

The companies participating in the series include Goodlife Fitness, Skyline International Development, The Toronto Zoo, Pizza Pizza, 1- 800 -GOT-JUNK?, Cineplex Entertainment, Molson Coors Canada, Second Cup and FedEx Express Canada.

I think the one I’m most excited to see is Karen Stintz, who is a Toronto city councillor and Toronto Transit Commission.  The TTC always gets a ton of bad press for its employees, so it will be interesting to see how the transit system is portrayed for television.

If you’re surprised that the show was able to land such big companies for its first season, don’t be.  The series is a public relations dream for any of these companies, because the entire episode is loitered with the company’s logo, it showcases its best employees and in the end, the secret boss looks like an angel.

But don’t think about that.  The show is still immesley enjoyable and it will be great if the series does as well as it does in the States, where it originated.

One question:  If the employees don’t know they are on Undercover Boss, what do they think they are being filmed for?

Mike Morrison

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  1. Well it is true that all this information is avilaable on the internet for free, I must say that I do agree with Mrs.Smith and am glad to see that she didn’t delete your comment and took the time to answer it honestly. I’ve been an extreme USA shopper way before I ever heard of Mrs. Smith’s classes and have put most of my time and energy into that. I have taken the online Canada class and did find a few things helpful but haven’t put any time or energy into that as of yet. I still need more details to figure out exactly how to do it here. It’s not Mrs.Smith’s fault that I haven’t found it helpful, it’s my own fault since I only listened to the video once and since I didn’t have speakers on my laptop I couldn’t hear it and never got the chance to listen to it a second or third time. My fault, not hers. The one thing that I feel compelled to say is that Mrs.Smith is right, it is hours and hours of searching and finding the deals, coupons, etc. Checking out various sites, blogs etc. It is a ton of reading and then having to put it in a format that everyone can understand easily and quickly and all in a one stop shop so to say. So thanks Mrs.Smith for doing what you do, it is very true that most people wouldn’t know where to begin and your site and classes makes it easier for people to start saving money. They may expand their knowledge in the future on their own, but you have to start somewhere and your classes are a GREAT start for everyone.*** Can you check your email I sent you one. ***Thanks again!!!

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