Okay, so it’s two days before Christmas and you still haven’t gotten the perfect gift. You’re worried that anything you get between now and Christmas Day will obviously be lackluster. (I’m looking at you, yellow bathrobe.)

Enter: The gift of an incredible experience. It’s like a gift card, but it’s the promise that you’ll take your loved one on something they won’t soon forget. They’ll love that you got them something truly unique, and you’ll love it because at least you got them something.

I was on Breakfast Television this morning sharing some of my tips, and here they are.


Calgary Craft Beer Tours


Move over oil! Alberta’s hottest industry these days is without a doubt beer. Our province already features dozens of local breweries, with more on the way! This tour guides you through some of Calgary’s coolest, including Village Brewery, CRAFT Beer Market, The Dandy Brewing Company, Tool Shed Brewing Company and Last Best Brewing and Distilling

Guests will also get to enjoy lunch and beer tastings from CRAFT Beer Market, Souvenir bag stocked with goodies, a pint glass from Village Brewery, as well as merchandise discounts on all stops including beverages and merchandise.

And don’t worry, transportation is provided by a professional chauffer from downtown Calgary.
Tours are year-round on Saturdays. They start 10:30am and go to 5:30pm. They also offer Another Round Brewery Tour ($99) and Spirits of Alberta Tasting Tour ($129).

Neil Zeller Photography Workshop-Two Day Beginner Photography

Neil Zeller is one of Calgary’s favourite photographers. And if I was going to spend two days with anyone learning how to work my blasted camera, it would be him. This is your chance to join Neil Zeller for a 2-day workshop of discovery, where you will learn to control your DSLR and then apply that knowledge to making creative images. So may there’s a new camera under the tree this year, or you’re still trying to figure out the one you got last year, this is your chance to figure it out in a really kind environment. As Neil likes to say “You are smarter than your camera!” This workshop is for the novice to intermediate DSLR/mirrorless camera owner. The workshop takes place on Saturday January 7th and January 8th. Neil also has an intermediate class coming up at the end of January. And then a photo trip to the Yukon in February!

Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures


Now this is an experience I think anyone would love. Imagine the excitement of touring Calgary and the Rocky Mountains in the side car of a motorcycle. I’ve only heard amazing things about the Rocky Mountain Sidecar Tour and I think it would make the perfect gift, because it’s something you’d never think of for yourself. From the comfort of the sidecar, you’ll enjoy incredible Alberta landscapes, the rush of urban Calgary, and sit in awe of the rocky mountains.
Tour options:
City Of Calgary: $150.00
Foothills Adventure: $250.00
Triple C Adventure: $450.00

Medicine Hat Coffee Tour


If you’re exploring the Medicine Hat area, you may have noticed that something amazing is happening. Its once sleepy downtown is becoming a bustling hub of independent shops and business. And I think they have the sheer amount of caffeine to thank. That’s because there’s five independent shops which are becoming the buzz of coffee-aficionados. The Medicine Hat Coffee Tour is a relatively new experience which celebrates coffee culture with a bona fide coffee crawl. The progressive tour features these unique shops that are all in walking distance of each other. Chat with a barista as they create cappuccino and latte art or draw you the perfect shot of espresso from locally roasted beans. Travelling from café to café you get a sense of the local culture of Medicine Hat that I enjoy more and more each time I visit.

Mike Morrison