>I have never in my life seen a direct to video/dvd movie. Ever. They are usually awful and obviously there is a reason why they are not being shown in theatres right? Well the other day I saw a preview (see below) for the Direct to DVD “sequel” to Open Water 2: Adrift. In theory this is a sequel to the Open Water movie, the one about the abandoned scuba divers. But in reality, one has nothing to do with the other, other than they both take place in water.

After watching the preview I couldn’t shake it from my mind, it really got to me. The movie is about 6 friends that go sailing on a yacht. They all decide to go for a swim and forget to put down the ladder, so it become clear pretty quick that none of them get back on the huge boat. Could this really happen? It says based on true events, so yeah I guess it did.

So after pretty much the most stressful week of my professional life, I decided that I would go to Casablanca video and rent Open Water 2. To no surprise there were only 2 copies in the store, and they were both available! My lucky day!

So after downing a couple rye and cokes and reading my friends play…ironically called Drift, I popped in the DVD and wasn’t expecting much.

I don’t know if it was because my expectations were low, or because I was/am drunk, but I really enjoyed this movie. Perhaps it had something to do with my upcoming Hawaiian vacation, but I found this movie to be exciting, suspenseful and there were surprisingly…well…a couple of surprises. (duh!)

If you are anything like my friend Vanessa, and you have literally seen every movie at Blockbuster I recommend this one. It will most likely be available (I don’t have that big of a following), and for what it is worth, it gets my approval.

As an added bonus, Eric Dane (McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy) is in it, and let’s just say…it’s…revealing.

Check out the trailer below, if you’ve seen it, or will be seeing it, let me know!

Mike Morrison