Two years ago today, my great friend Jessica and I took a road trip that would change our lives forever. No this isn’t a tagline for a CW show, it’s my life. That’s right days ago I packed up mylife in Fredericton, New Brunswick and made the move across this great country. With the $20 of gas money my mom gave me we had our lives packed in my new Saturn. Final destination? We considered Thunder Bay, but ended up here in Calgary. A long the way there many adventures and laughs. There was even an attempt at an audio book, but because we had (have) the attention span of dingbats that lasted about 5 minutes.

If anything I still cannot process the last two years. I honestly thought life couldn’t be cooler than my university years, but here I am living the day to day. Yesterday I even bought my first couch. Don’t worry, it was only 150 and my roomie and I split it!

So here I sit at my office at 711pm trying my best to be reflective. But I don’t think I have to be. There are lots of things I miss about home, but the great thing about breaking away is the unexpected. I think it is so exciting to be open to wherever life might take you next.

Thanks Jess for an amazing trip and I’m pumped for when we can do it again. Maybe we can invite Bill.

Mike Morrison