>Big news on the Two Strangers and A Wedding story today. I’m still getting all the details but it looks like Friday’s Bride has already pulled out of the experiment, which leaves only four brides left!

Voting starts tonight and the message boards are already going crazy!

So here are details on what I’ve found so far. Friday’s bride has indeed dropped out of the “competition” for personal reasons. She was on air this morning saying it was the best decision for her.

Although I’m sure the fact the Energy caught her in a lie about having feelings for her exes in the polygraph certainly didn’t help.

The station won’t be replacing her because let’s face it there just isn’t enough time. I talked to Meg Tucker this morning and she said she understood why they aren’t getting a fifth bride, “I wouldn’t want to be a replacement”. Which is completely understandable!

Drama, Drama, Drama. Plus there are still three weeks to go!!! Yikes! I can’t wait to see how it all goes down!

Mike Morrison