>Is the social experiment of Two Strangers in a Wedding going to be ruined?

Well, that is all the gossip around Calgary this morning since it was announced the Calgary Sun’s Gossip lady Kelly Doody had figured out who the mystery bride was and is going to publish the photo in Wednesday’s edition of the paper notorious for dumbing it’s pieces down.
People are up in arms about this because the whole point of the experiment is that no one is supposed to know what either the bride and groom look like until their wedding day (October 30th).
Which is exactly why I think this is just a publicity stunt. First of all, I really doubt that program director Rob Mise would let such a thing get out without raising some designer glass wearing hell!  Especially because Energy 101.5 and The Calgary Sun have worked together in the past, after all Doody was sent on the first ever Diva Las Vegas trip with the station.  (I was sent on the second!)  I think this is just a big fat white lie to re-generate interest in the experiment that has been going on since mid-September.  You know, when we had a minority government….oh wait.
Either way, I think if a picture is published tomorrow it will look something like this.  I think the identity of Monday is safe and sound….for now.

Mike Morrison