Well ladies and gentlemen we have finally made it. After 7 long weeks we have finally gotten to the final week of Energy 101.5’s Two Strangers and A Wedding! After international coverage, countless interviews and media pieces (including this morning on Canada AM) it is finally the week of the wedding! Monday Bride is only three sleeps until she hopefully marries the man of her dreams. Which is no big deal until you realize that she did just pick him today (congrats Monday Groom!) and that they still haven’t met!!!!

All this week I am going to be counting down the most SHOCKING (ie:best/worst) moments of this social experiment that has taken Calgary and the rest of the country by storm! This will culminate in me actually live-blogging from the wedding THIS Thursday from the ceremony!

Let the countdown begin:

Two Strangers and a Wedding Most Shocking Moment #3:

Calgary Sun publishes a picture of Monday Bride!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Calgary Sun threatened that it was going to publish a picture of the mysterious Monday Bride in it’s pages of Kelly Doody’s gossip column. After a couple of days of teasing the picture the Sun finally published the picture and it turned out to be Monday Bride’s baby picture.

A lot of people (me included) thought it was a publicity and that the Sun was in cahoots with Energy 101.5 to re-energize it’s loyal Two Strangers audience,but I don’t think anyone expected the back lash against the Sun that so many listeners in turn threatened. Talks of boycotts and picketing outside the Calgary Sun seemed to completely turn off Kelly Doodey from the social experiment. When she published the picture she declared in her column: “…this is the last you will be hearing about the whole crazy wedding contest from this page. Period.”

Looks like someone didn’t like a taste of her own medicine.

Check back tomorrow as the countdown to the most shocking wedding Calgary has ever seen gets closer and closer!!!

Mike Morrison