We are only 2 sleeps away from the most unbelievable wedding that Canada has ever seen, this might be even more shocking then when in a couple of weeks someone actually marries Ben Mulroney, YES Ben Mulroney! Like I said, shocking.

Speaking of shocking, let’s keep the countdown going.
Ladies and Gentleman may I please present:
The #2 Most Shocking Moment of Two Strangers and a Wedding!

Forever Groom decides that he wants Monday Bride Back!!!

What if you broke up with this girl because you were a coward who was afraid to commit. You said you were afraid to commit simply because you probably liked banging the business student intern who worked in your office and if you actually got married, you might feel bad about it.

So you break-up and keep her in your side-pocket until something better comes along.

Then imagine for a second that your ex-girlfriend was selected to become what is most likely be, one of Canada’s most famous brides. The sheer jealously of her happiness got to you so much, that you decided that you wanted to start your own campaign to win her back, probably just so you could share some of the spotlight.

Well that is exactly what Monday Bride’s ex-boyfriend did last week, even going as far as starting his own website and naming himself Forever Groom. A quick browse on his website and Forever Groom inadvertently reveals himself to be the scum of the earth that so many women in Calgary have already encountered and paid thousands of dollars to their therapists to get over.

Shockingly, Forever Groom proposed to her on Thanksgiving and she actually said yes, only to give back the ring the next day and continue on her journey to find true love with Energy 101.5!

Luckily, for the time being, it seems that Monday Bride is sticking to the social experiment and not letting Forever Groom become the distraction he so desperately wants to be. But his appearance made for a shocking twist in the story that has already had so many.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the most shocking moment of them all. This is all leading up to the big wedding that will be taking place at COP on Thursday morning at 8am!
(I got my invitation today, time to go shopping!)

UPDATE: Now he even has a billboard!

Mike Morrison