I can’t believe that we are finally here. This whole social experiment started just a couple of weeks ago when I had to keep the biggest secret of my life. I remember everyone thought that I was the one getting married, which is obviously hilarious because Canada hasn’t legalized Tivo-marriage yet. But soon, I assure you, soon.

Tomorrow Monday’s Bride and Monday’s Groom will meet for the first time and get married seconds later. SECONDS!

(side note: I got a tip on the groom’s name and I want to google it soooooo bad but I’ve waited this long, I can wait another day.)

All week long we have been counting down the most shocking moment of Energy 101.5’s Two Strangers and A Wedding Most Shocking Moments.

#3 was when the Calgary Sun published a picture of Monday Bride!
#2 was when Forever Groom made his now infamous proposal!

and now, I present the Most SHOCKING MOMENT of Two Strangers and A Wedding.
Wednesday’s Bride already has a boyfriend! Oh and Friday’s Bride might have one too!

The social experiment was just warming up when the listening audience was introduced to Wednesday’s Bride. She was smart, funny, had an amazing personality. She was basically Tripp West’s perfect mate. The one problem? She was already taken. Here’s what happened: The Morning Show was taking live calls and questions for the bride when a girl called in declaring herself to be…stay with me…Wednesday’s boyfriend’s best friend! Everyone was stunned. Did Wednesday already have boyfriend? Apparently the friend recognized her voice and called in just as confused as everyone else. The message board went nuts with rumors that boyfriend woke up to his girlfriend’s voice on the radio saying she was single! Didn’t the same thing happen to Minnie Driver when Matt Damon was on Oprah?

The show went to commercial and the boyfriend was never heard from again. Wednesday stayed in the competition but eventually lost out to Monday.

Details are a little foggy about Friday’s Bride who dropped out of the competition the morning she was to be introduced to the listening audience. People were furious that she was not going to be replaced by another potential bride, thus taking a spot from someone deserving. Things didn’t get better for her when Freeway and Meg said that during Friday’s polygraph test it was revealed that she still had feelings for her ex! The show quickly renamed her Runaway Bride. Honestly, I don’t think The Hill‘s writers could come up with this stuff!

So that’s it! Tomorrow is the wedding day and if the past couple of weeks have been dramatic you just wait until the ceremony.

What do you think is going to happen?
Will it be love at first sight?
Is Forever Groom still going to be invited to the wedding?
Will either Monday decide to pull out when that screen comes down?
How early in the morning am I allowed to start drinking champagne?

I seriously can’t wait. I’m going to be there to watch the whole thing go down, I’ll also be live-blogging and the radio station will be broadcasting live as well as on web-cam!

1 sleep!

Mike Morrison