>I get asked ALL THE TIME about what ever happened to Kim (Monday bride) and Jeff (Monday groom) from Energy 101.5’s social experiment Two Strangers and a Wedding.

Well we all know they decided to not go on their $20,000 trip to Australia.  But what happened after that?  I had heard from a couple of people that they tried dating and that it didn’t work out.
Well that was pretty much confirmed today when Kimberly changed her facebook status from single to engaged (and apparently called the Calgary Herald).
So who was she engaged to?
That’s right, Sam the Eagle….errr I mean Forever Groom Craig.  I guess love is blind.
I’m assuming that is one wedding I won’t be invited to. Unless Craig has had a change of heart!
And with this engagement, Kim closes what has to be the craziest year of her life.  In the past three months she has been engaged three times to two different guys, walked down the aisle, didn’t get married and now is planning another wedding next summer.  But it sounds like she is really happy and that this engagement is going to stick!
I’ll believe when I see it 😉

Mike Morrison