• My best friend Phil (host of the Amazing Race) tweeted that the still amazing Amazing Race has been renewed for a 15th season and they are casting it right now.  Sadly, Canadians are still not invited.  It’s like we are the fat girl and the race is prom.
  • Andrea Anders (Better off Ted) and Joanna Garcia (Priviledged) have both been cast in new pilots.  This doesn’t bode well for their current shows of which I am a fan of.
  • Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) has been cast in the top secret season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.  She didn’t even have to audition, they requested her.  Top secret role eh?  Hmm me thinks Izzy is about to get a sister.
  • The Jonas Brothers are hosting the MMVAs.  Does anyone over 12 care?
  • Kimber (Kelly Carlson) obviously has some mommy issues.  And wouldn’t you if Melanie Griffith was just cast as your mom?  

Mike Morrison


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