This morning, I joined my friends at Breakfast Television to share some of my ideas and tips for unique Christmas parties!  Maybe you have a small office, or maybe you’ve had to scale back the party budget, there’s lots of great things to do in Calgary that won’t break the bank, but will give you and your co-workers the celebration below. Check out the segment and get more info below!

The Rage Room

Ever since I first heard about The Rage Room, I’ve known that this will forever be my favourite thing to do in Calgary. The rage room is exactly that, a place where you can let out a little rage. Oh and let’s be honest with each other, we all got a little rage to get out. The room is set up with things that are fun to smash like dishes and computers and then you have 45 minutes to have at ‘er. You’ll be hesitant at first, but once you get used to swinging a sledgehammer or steel pipe, you get used to it really fast! A perfect activity for a small office where it might hard to get out your grievances otherwise.

The Regal Cat Cafe

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the Regal Cat Cafe. Ever since it opened, I’ve officially lost count how many times I’ve visited, and if I’m not inside, I’m casually walking by slowly, with my face pressed up against the glass checking out all the adoptable kitties! This is a really fun idea for a staff party, unless you have someone who’s allergic. But that’s their loss.


This is sorta like the Rage Room, but instead of smashing things, you’re throwing axes. I guess it’s like darts but with axes and it’s SO MUCH FUN. I’ll brag a little, I’m shockingly good at it. I have no idea why, but I actually think it’s not that hard and really fun. It’s a type of “sport” that really suits me. This is a great staff party idea because it’s really hard to not have fun with it, even if you’re terrible.


Okay, this one I haven’t done yet, but I’ve been itching to be pretend I’m on the Hunger Games for a while now and I think this might be as close as I’ll get, which given what the Hunger Games is about, is probably a good thing! It’s basically like dogeball, but with robber arrows, what’s not to love. This seems like a great way to get back at your HR department, should you feel the need.

The Cineplex Rec Room

I can’t be the only one who finds video games completely overwhelming now. I see commercials for games on the XBox and the Playstation and I’m like “Whoa! That’s way to complicated, I just wanna jump on shit.” Since it just opened, I haven’t been to the Cineplex Rec Room yet but a giant arcade seems like the perfect staff party to me. There’s something for everyone, including liquor and what could be more fun than a night of games and beer. This sounds like the perfect staff party!

The Calgary Freelance Christmas Party

This one is a bit self-serving, but if you’re a freelancer like me,chances are you won’t be having a Christmas office party, but just because you don’t have an office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an office party. So why not come to ours? My friend Kait Kucy and I are hosting the Calgary Freelance Christmas Party on December 12th. It’s at Last Best Brewing & Distilling and tickets are $20. It comes with a pint and some yummy appies. Come celebrate a year of staying in your pjs, playing with your cat and also kicking-ass as a freelancer!

Mike Morrison